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425 apartments
in Istanbul, Dubai and Moscow
since 2018
on the market
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Colife is an apartment rental service in Istanbul, Moscow and Dubai
About a program
  • You can leave a request with your friend's contacts.

  • Our managers will contact you and make a deal

  • If the contract is signed, then you will have a 1000 TL discount on the next month of your stay in Colife
If you have friends who are looking for stylish accommodation in the centre of Istanbul, we are ready to help them!

Popular questions

The manager chooses safe areas for living with developed infrastructure, walking distance to the metro and shops. We consider houses only in good condition.
We make apartments comfortable, bright and functional. In any country of the world with Colife you can move into stylish and clean housing.
We solve all issues around the house: from replacing the light bulb to unforeseen cases. Each apartment has its own chat where you can find answers to all questions and friends.
We carefully select areas and houses
All housing with designer renovation
The support manager is in touch 24/7
The best customer service
Free from landlords, utility bills, commissions and dubious realtors
Refer a friend and get 1000 TL sale
for the next month
Leave a request and get 1000 TL Sale for the next month
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Colife is in touch daily from 9:00 to 21:00