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Colife is a service to rent furnished apartments in Singapore, Dubai, Istanbul and Moscow
Live in the most enjoyable areas in Singapore with 24/7 service
Choose the perfect accommodation – all bills included
The manager chooses safe areas for living with developed infrastructure, walking distance to the shops. We are within modern condominiums only.
We make apartments comfortable, bright and functional. In any country of the world with Colife you can move into stylish and clean housing.
We solve all issues occurring around the house: from replacing the light bulb to unforeseen cases. Each apartment has its own chat where you can find answers to all questions.
We carefully select areas and houses
All housing with designer renovation
The support manager is in touch 24/7
The best customer service
Feel free from having problems with homeowners, paying utility bills and talking to property agents
Enjoy comfortable and stylish accommodation
Comfortable bed with pillow and blanket
Storage space
Ironing board
Washing machine and dryer
Kitchen utensils
Microwave and teapot
There is everything you need for a comfortable life
We will free you from all household issues
We’ll take care of the maintenance of the apartment such as repair, replacement of electrics, payment of utilities and Internet. You always know how much and when to pay for rent. We point it out in the contract. Internet payment is included in the price as well. Water, light and gas are paid separately.

Our support works around the clock. Each apartment has a chat with a COLIFE manager to solve household issues quickly and effortlessly.
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"It's so important to come home, where it’s so cozy and warm. Light walls and furniture. This immediately sets a positive attitude"
"I want to express my great gratitude to Colife. Everyone who writes to me on social networks:
"Tell me, are Colife scammers?" — they are not scammers, guys! Feel free to check in
The story of how difficult it is to relocate and find a well-renovated room
A month ago I moved into my cozy apartment. Many thanks to Colife. They create magical rooms for creative young people.